Whale & Dolphin Conservation

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Date added

31 July 2018


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As a leading global charity, Whale & Dolphin Conservation support and lead ground-breaking scientific research whilst funding whale and dolphin conservation field projects around the world. WDC is a very passionate and successful organisation, currently working with international bodies and governments to designate protected areas in the places whales and dolphins need them most.

One of Cloud Heroes longest standing clients, Whale & Dolphin Conservation have been with us since the early days; since then we have grown together and today we supply Whale & Dolphin Conservation with Ethernet connectivity, VPS hosting and a dedicated support contract . WDC IT manager, Simon Hawkes says ‘’The support contract has been a life saver! We had a huge issue last year when updating our servers. Cloud Heroes support were onsite from 8am to resolve the issue and get us back online. Without that service, I literally don’t know what we’d have done. If I can’t resolve an issue, I’m 100% confident Cloud Heroes can. I’m happy to say I was vindicated on switching to Cloud Heroes and literally couldn’t fault them on the service we receive.’’