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19Oct 2021
CH blog banners Cyber security monthNational Cyber Security Month – Our Advice for SME’s

National Cyber Security Month – Our Advice for SME’s

Every SME should protect themselves against Cyber Crime, with it being National Cyber Security Month, we’ve put together a quick rundown of areas every SME should be addressing to prevent a breach.

The biggest threat currently are ransomware attackers, this type of cyber criminal effectively holds your data hostage until they get their ransom payment. They will often research organisations first, hacking into accounts data to see how much they can afford or they may just be interested in taking your data.

There are various ways these hackers can infiltrate your systems so here are the top areas every business should tighten up in…

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11Jun 2021
CH backup the backup blogIs your data backup working?

Is your data backup working?

It may sound crazy to have a backup of a backup but it’s actually something every company should have. Checking that your backup has worked and most importantly is valid is essential to the continuity of your business.

With evermore complex infrastructures and targeted cyber attacks on the rise, businesses now need virtually bullet proof protection to keep their data safe. Having a backup is essential but what if it fails?

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