What's going on at Cloud Heroes?

18Apr 2019

Our Customer Portal

We are always trying to find ways to make life easier for our customers and so we have set up a customer portal! It’s so simple to use and will mean you can manage your services with us without having to call us!

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7Mar 2019

.Eu Domains & Brexit: What you need to know

With Brexit closely on the horizon, it’s time to consider what could happen to your website if it’s registered under an .eu domain. Currently in the UK, there are over 300,000 domains that risk being cancelled. Is your website one of them? Not to worry! There are alternative options you can put in place before the big day arrives! Here’s what you need to know…

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27Jun 2017
padlocks-407221_1280Review Your Cyber Security with our Online Guide

Review Your Cyber Security with our Online Guide

Cyber security is increasingly becoming a major concern for UK businesses, and it’s not just large corporations being targeted online by cyber criminals – small and medium enterprises also need to review their security measures to ensure their critical systems and files are safe.

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12Apr 2017
code-1839406_1920When a Simple Cloud Backup isn’t Sufficient

When a Simple Cloud Backup isn’t Sufficient

In light of the recent World Backup Day, which saw numerous calls for companies to be vigilant with their backups, we thought it timely to bring attention to one of the most important rules when it comes to protecting a company’s data. The 3-2-1 rule is widely regarded as the rule for recovery and it’s relatively simple to follow. If you’re not already using it, read on to find out what it means and how to get started…

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